My big fitness challenge!

20130307-165054.jpgTrying to get fit…We’ve all done it and a lot of us have failed miserably, citing any number of excuses, oh I’ve no time, ooh my back’s sore, aww I’m too tired…blah blah blah. They are some of my excuses anyway!

I used to be a three plus times a week gym kind of guy, getting stuck into my power cleans and my lunges, my boxercise and my spin classes. I’ve been a 10K runner, trained for a marathon (before the back gave in) , I’ve cycled, swam, walked and had the benefit of a super inspiring personal trainer, but then Belfast Times was born and slowly facebooking, tweeting and blogging took over. But it’s all about to change as I need to prioritise my health and well being and part of that plan is to get fit again. Never mind the whole Backin Belfast campaign, I’m Backin Fitness.

I figured if I’m going to get fit again, I didn’t want to be tied to a gym and the monthly cost of a gym membership, I wanted to get fit by getting outside and making the most of the parks of Belfast. I also wanted to incorporate it into my daily routine which of course heavily involves Belfast Times. And I wanted to hopefully show that by adding some small changes to my lifestyle that I can improve my fitness, physical health and mental well being.

My brain was in the right frame of mind and I was finally ready to get back into fitness when by total chance and a little help from Avril at School Gate Style, along came Love Fitness NI at the right time..perfect!

I met up with Peter of LoveFitnessNI on Tuesday and we immediately clicked and both agreed that this would be a fun challenge to get me fit for Summer. Yeah, some fun you say…having a trainer who’s going to make me sweat, suffer and exercise outside in all weathers!!

But I’m ready for it and it’s all systems go. Peter is going to help me lose inches and get back into shape and he has already got me all fired up. The food diary is in progress and my first session is next Wednesday, outside, no matter what the weather.

Let’s see what this wee project brings. Keep an eye out on my facebook, twitter and here for regular progress updates.

P. S. Oh what have I let myself in for?? Lol

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