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Finding Solace at Galgorm: One for the guys!

I was supposed to have this one on Belfast Times before Father’s Day, well that was my goal anyway, but oops, missed that one! Sure it’s never too late to find out about a great spa treatment. 

This was a first for me, because I’ve never had a treatment in Galgorm Resort and Spa. I have used their ever expanding Spa Village (more on that here) but I always wondered what turning left instead of right involved. 

I wasn’t disappointed.

  • First of all, it’s a rabbit warren of rooms in there! 
  • I love the fish tank in the relaxation area. 
  • You can have your own private mud treatment. Just for you! Slap on the mud and pop into the 2 person sauna.
  • Have a massage on a beach. Not really, but the new Quartz bed is a close substitute apparently.
  • Or have a massage using poltice, lava shells, hot stones, or indeed salt!


The newest treatment for men is SOLACE THERAPY

This back and neck salt therapy massage combines warm egg shaped Himalayan salt crystal stones with Swedish techniques to relieve tension with calming body oil. Followed by a scalp massage and a soothing Refinery facial massage to leave you feeling comforted and de-stressed.

Solace Therapy comes in at £100 for a 75 minute treatment Mon-Thur and £105 Fri-Sun.

I was the first customer to try it out: it wasn’t even in the literature or online at the time. It was like this big secret which was an official treatment but no one knew about it yet. That’s all changed now a few weeks later and I’m pretty sure many more guys have experienced the bliss of Solace Therapy. 

Galgorm treatment room
Galgorm treatment room

Over the last 3 years the number of male clients has increased hugely. From what used to be a rare occurance to something that’s very regular. Because it’s a new experience for a lot of guys, they can be nervous. Nervous because they don’t know what to expect, nervous because they’ve never been in that kind of situation before, nervous because it’s new. 

Honestly. There’s nothing to be nervous about, a good masseuse has seen it all before, many times. A good masseuse will almost hunt down the muscles in your body that need work, for me, that’s my back, often described as a brick, solid with knots and stress. For me, when a masseuse finds those knots and starts ironing them out, it’s sore but bliss. And did my massuese in Galgorm find them, absolutely yes! That comes with experience I guess.

Unusually I did succumb to a post treatment purchase. De-stress muscle gel. Does it work? Yes, absolutely yes! 

Aromatherapy Associates muscle gel
De stressing pain easing muscle gel!

Do I recommend the Solace Therapy treatment. Yes. 

Would I go back. Yes. Well I have to call in and see all the new stuff they are building (more here). 

So as I said at the start of this blog, never mind that I missed my own self imposed Father’s Day deadline, because it’s never too late to find out about a great Spa treatment.

Get it booked! 


Jeff x

You find out more about all the men’s treatments and book here.

All the treatment rooms
That rabbit warren!
The Quartz bed
The Quartz bed
The salt egg
The salt egg

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