Festival of Fools 2017

Festival of Fools 2017

Since 2004, the Festival of Fools has built an international reputation for presenting some of the finest and funniest street shows touring the world.

From Friday 28 April to Monday 1 May 2017, Belfast City Centre will come alive with: acrobatics, circus acts, clowning and astounding tomfoolery, all for free! It’s perfect for families who fail to plan ahead and for tourists who can simply stroll around sampling the delights of comedic talents from around the world delivered in the universal language of laughter. As some of the world’s most experienced street theatre from: Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Holland, Argentina, USA, England, Ireland and Northern Ireland take over Belfast.


Luis Brusca, has devoted his life to exploring the chaos and anarchy in the world around us. His research has led to the creation of a poetic & prize winning clown show looking at lost love and found friends on a sensational journey through life.

The Flying Dutchmen for thirty years have been travelling the world on their unicycles, hurling flaming torches and punchlines at each other in pursuit of the ultimate trick.

Mat Ricardo, the Gentleman Juggler, is renowned for his engaging, stylish and relaxed approach to even the most fiendishly difficult of tricks. Mat has a place in history as the first person to put the tablecloth back on the table.

The Festival begins on Friday 28 April at 7pm in Writers’ Square with an outstanding performance from Catalonian acrobatic company, Vol’e Temps. Paper Worlds is a tender, daring and disturbingly funny show bringing together dance and circus techniques whilst delivering stunning acrobatics, with dazzling dexterity and some serious theatrical illusion. 

Over the next 3 days audiences will be spoilt for choice with 5 shows taking place at any one time through until 6pm each day when the action moves into St Anne’s Square with the Big Finish cabaret show. 

The growing walkabout programme sponsored by Beannchor means that you can expect bizarre sightings of belligerent ballroom dancers; marauding Morris Dancers and the shambolic St Joan’s Ambulance, who have caused more accidents than they have cured! You can spot these artists as you make your way between all the shows in: Bank Square, Cornmarket, Cotton Court, Saint Anne’s Square and Writers’ Square.

More info at www.foolsfestival.com


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