#fastandloose :Theatre for the Chronically Impatient with @accidentalT at @lyricbelfast

20131108-163727.jpgHow long does it take to make a play? Months, years, decades? What if you had only 24 hours? Accidental’s thrilling and unusual annual production Fast & Loose – an experiment in ultra-fast playmaking – returns to the Lyric Theatre for the second year in a row. From 9p.m. on Friday night, four playwrights are given 12 hours to craft a new short play each. At 9a.m. the following day four directors and a team of actors are handed their scripts with just 12 hours to rehearse.

Join Accidental as they premiere the four newest Northern Irish plays that night in the Naughton Studio.

The results are often unpredictable, unique and uplifting, showcasing some of the finest theatre artists working in the province today.


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