Farriers at the Castle

That’s it folks, the Bangor Open House Festival is over for another year and what a month! With mostly sold out events, I think I can safely say it’s been a huge success. Did you go to anything?

For me the big event was the Farriers gig in the council chambers in the Town Hall. After seeing them in Bangor Abbey last summer, I immediately became a huge fan and regularly listened to their folk/bluegrass inspired EP on napster.

This years performance space in Bangor Castle is what many will recognise as a wedding venue. It’s a beautiful room, with stained glass windows and huge vaulted ceilings…like a medieval banqueting hall, or somewhere Harry Potter might appear in.


The Farriers, well, wow! I adore Rachel Coulter and Stephen McCartney’s harmonies, their voices are perfectly matched to each other and to the folk and bluegrass music. And the addition of a viola just adds another amazing layer to the three members of the Farriers who performed.


Check out this video I found of them performing in San Remo:

Needless to say after an evening of beautiful music in a beautiful venue, I bought their debut album, Years Ago In Our Backyard, on the way out (review here) and I don’t even have a CD player at home! The only place I’ll be able to listen to my new purchase is in the car. I think I’ll need a few long drives then!!

Roll on Open House Bangor 2015! Will I see you there ‘next year in our backyard’?


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