Family fun at @W5atodyssey 

Last Wednesday was treat day for my two nephews and two neices as Uncle Jeff did his once in a lifetime day trip (literally) …to W5.

It’s a very rare occasion that I take them out in the first place (bad uncle!), but to attempt all four at once, and to the popular W5, can you imagine the fun we had!

I was last at W5 about 7 years ago, and although some of the things to do in the complex haven’t changed much, they have upped the fun factor and it’s better than ever.

Parents out there will know that entertaining four wains at once can be a handful, then add the fun of W5 into the mix and you’re in for an eventful day.

Four happy kids!
There is so much to touch, feel, learn and to do in W5, that all kids of all levels are well catered for. And judging by the adults I could see, there is plenty to keep all ages entertained, whether you Iove building structures with blocks, enjoy learning about the weather, walking with dinosaurs or learning about science. You can get involved with the science presentations and be part of the show, record a weather scene and watch it back on TV, go on a climbing adventure in Climb-it, or play music with drain pipes. It’s hours of entertainment!

Fascinating, fun, and well worth spending the last few days of the summer holidays visiting.

Picnic time after W5

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