Eddie Rockets blasts in to Boucher

Eddie Rockets has opened at Boucher Crescent Retail Park, Belfast and we of course had to go and check it out!

For the last 25 years Eddie Rockets has been our go to place in Dublin. It’s our tradition, our thing we HAVE to do, and we love it. Whether it’s just for one of their totally amazing strawberry malt shakes or a delicious burger, we love calling in to their Dublin diner for a treat… EVERY TIME!

So when they blasted their way North and in to Boucher Crescent, we had to visit!

It didn’t disappoint.

Last weekend, half term break weekend, we braced ourselves for what could either be an empty restaurant which hadn’t yet built its clientele, or a buzzing restauraunt where everyone knew what it had to offer. It was the latter, totally bunged and buzzing. 

It was all very efficient, seats, menu, food. Boom boom boom. The well trained team looked after us, as they did everybody. The manager was in top form and keeping everything in the busy diner ticking over perfectly. 

Of course we had the Strawberry Malt, surely the best ever shake, along with great burgers and fries. 

It’s a big menu with a huge selection of burgers (with a bun or salad), chicken dishes, nibbles, desserts, family specials. We’ve probably tried most of the menu over the years and we always love it. 

The evening we went it was packed out with families, kids, teenagers, birthday parties, and young couples. Everyone was out to enjoy a 50’s diner experience in all its red and chrome glory. Definitely a fab diner experience, and much more new shiny and polished than the Dublin Rockets we go to.

I managed to get a photo with empty seats just as a party left. They filled up again quickly!

Our bill was £32 for two burgers, one half and half (onion rings & fries), one fries and two strawberry malts. It’s definitely a tasty experience and worth trying. We’ll definitely be back!

Oh did I mention my love for the Strawberry Malt?? You have to try one.

Rockets facts:

· In 2016, Eddie Rockets sold 2.5 million hamburgers, 2 million handmade milkshakes and over 1,500 tonnes of French Fries
· Did you know? Eddie Rocket’s have used the same butcher for over 25 years and the Irish beef is delivered fresh (never frozen!) every day. The primary function of a manager each morning is to eat a hamburger for monitoring purposes…nice work!
· Like the beef, Eddie Rocket’s ice cream for its famous milkshakes is created especially for Eddie Rockets
· Eddie Rocket’s chicken tenders, the classic hamburger and milkshakes are the most popular items on the menu with its innovative Chicken Truffle Mushroom Swiss selling like ‘wild-fire’! It’s definitely a must-try in Belfast!

For more information visit www.eddierockets.ie | @eddirocketsirl| www.facebook.com/eddierockets

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