Eddi Reader at the Lyric

Eddi Reader
Lyric Theatre
16th Feb 2015

Do you ever take the chance and book tickets to go to a gig and think it’s got to be worth it, but you’re not really sure?

Earlier this week we got our tickets and headed along to the Lyric for the Belfast gig of Eddi Reader’s Irish leg of her tour, and boy was that just the ‘Perfect’ decision.


Of course you might only know Eddi for her huge Number 1 hit in the late 80’s, Perfect. You know it won’t take much to get you singing it..

‘It’s got to be perfect
It’s got to be worth it, yea
Too many people take second best,
But I won’t take anything less,
It’s got to be perfect.’

But there’s a whole lot more to this sparky Glaswegian lass than you would’ve ever thought. In fact, there a complete package going on right there, it’s the voice, the humour, the anecdotes and the stage presence.

The fans know her music well, you could tell that from their whooping throughout the gig, and also by their continuous shoutout requests every time there was a moment’s silence.

Eddi is a shining light on stage, and I’m pretty sure I had a grin on my face the whole gig. Part of that was because of the life stories which described the song she had written and was about to sing. Part of that was also the memories, as Eddi reminded me of my Aunt Marilyn from Glasgow who I haven’t seen in too long!

This is an artist who appears relaxed, casual and grounded, and with the ability to tell great stories about her family and her mum who gets her words confused, Al Cappuccino?? She talks about her childhood at home with a musical family and witnessing wild night-long parties with a singalong and also her life in her early 20’s as a vagabond and the stories of her kids as they grow up.

Vagabond is the latest album release from Eddi and there’s also a new EP Back the dogs, with some classics like Moon River, inspired by her mum and those parties.

The gig felt like a jamming session at times, and it was a delight. Throw in a bit of jazz, a bit of Robbie Burns, a bit of folk and a whole lot of great vocals and tunes and you’re left with a superb gig!

Roll on next year for another tour!
Thanks Eddi, you’ve a few more new fans.



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