Movie review: Dredd 3D

Thought I’d do a wee quick review of this, as I’ve only just seen it despite it being out for a few weeks already. In short, it’s the best Paul Verheoven film, Verhoeven never made; a gritty, grunge-y violent comic adaptation that pulls no punches. Karl Urban gives a great performance as the gruff lawman, banishing any thoughts of Stallone’s tenure under the helmet; Mega City One is impressively realised when you factor in the budget of the film; the soundtrack, an electronica delight full of pulsing synths, is utterly superb and fits the tone of the film perfectly; the 3D is the best I’ve ever seen outside an animated film, and most importantly it’s a barrel load of fun. As a (re)introduction of the character you won’t find much better as the script wastes no time whatsoever in telling us who Dredd is, and the most enjoyable aspect of the film is that it’s a genuine bona fide 18 rated action film, that apes the OTT nature of films like the original Total Recall, with all the blood and guts that the subject matter deserves. I should also add that I loved this film despite having no real knowledge or love for 2000AD/Judge Dredd beforehand. It’s that good.

4 stars.

Review by Jonathan cardwell

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