Dracula Untold gets his fangs into NI!

In this 21st Century retelling of the Bram Stoker tale of Dracula, more than ever, the man behind the fangs gets to tell his own story.

Luke Evans (who could almost be called a local as he is filming here that much lately) stars as Vlad the Impaler who turns to blood to save his family.

We all know of Dracula and his blood thirsty nights feasting on his wine of choice, but in Dracula Untold there’s a twist. This isn’t a movie about trawling the streets looking for the latest victim, it isn’t the Dracula style horror movie we know of, it is in a sense untelling this side of the story and mixing in an element of the real Dracula.

It’s a fascinating read finding out more about the real Vlad and you can do that here.

In Dracula Untold, in a bid to save the lives of his family, Vlad meets up with the Devil in a cave at the Broken Tooth mountain, or Giant’s Causeway as you will know it.

He fights battles for his family on the Danube Plain (Divis Mountain), he camps out at Scrabo Country park and discovers temptation by the stream at Roe Valley Country Park. He makes a trip to Tollymore Forest Park and even recorded scenes at Mount Stewart.


I was torn between spotting local filming locations and just relaxing and enjoying a good movie whilst in the Odyssey Cinema VIP seats. Critically Dracula Untold isn’t getting glowing reviews, but I enjoyed it. Like I say, it’s not horror but more superhero, it’s not Dracula as you know him, he has a heart.

Yes it’s packed with local sights and places you will probably have visited. But the next time you visit them you’ll wonder where Dracula is, and you might not be making any nighttime visits there soon either….just in case!

Would I recommend it? Yes…or as our regular movie reviewer Jonny (who’s off being a new dad) would recommend in his star rating, 3 out of 5 !

Find out more about the filming locations featured here on DiscoverNI.

Review by Jeff Meredith.

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    I assume Row Valley Country Park is Roe Valley Country Park in Limavady?

      Belfast Times

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