Dina Dina: Home made food, the Italian way!

Dina Dina: Home made food, the Italian way!


Dina Dina . Food. The Italian Way
 It seems you can’t get much more authentic than a little Italian lunch spot in Upper Arthur Street in Belfast called Dina Dina.

Owned by Alex from Milan, Dina Dina is bringing a little taste of Italy to the lunchtime workers in the city.

With a selection of mini pizzas, salads, desserts and their speciality Piadina it’s great tasting and great value. I mean, where else would you get a mini pizza, a Chocolate Salami dessert and a bottle of water all for £3.50!! Oh and the chocolate salami dessert is really delicious and is of course, home made, just like you’d get in a little Italian coffee shop.

What’s a Piadina?

Piadina or Piada is a thin Italian flatbread, and is made with flour, water, extra virgin and salt.

There are 6 types of Piadina to choose from in Dina Dina, with a variety of cold and warm fillings. From the classic Parma ham and mozzarella to a more filling Gallo with chicken marinated for 18 hours and smoked cheese, they range from £4.25 to £5.25.

If you are looking for something a bit different for lunch then I’d definitely try this new business and their Piadina’s out. And if you want a little treat then both the Tiramisu (£2.50) and the Chocolate Salami (£1) are the biz!

They’ve convinced me to come back for lunch again soon anyway! 

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