Destination Dublin – Glee

Any trip to Dublin to see a concert is always a mini adventure, but this was our 3rd in less than 2 weeks and it gets a bit boring doing the drive there. This time it was the Saturday matinee of the hugely popular Glee Live tour.
The Dublin Glee shows all sold out in super fast time, but we were lucky enough to get some last minute production seats just over a month ago. After my initial excitement of getting the tickets, I had played down the show so much that I was expecting a poor show with ropey singing. But much to the delight of my inner teenage girl self, I sat there waiting for the show to start, getting more and more excited.
Pre show, we had ‘cheerleaders’ come out to interact with the audience and build some excitement, then the show began with THE Glee signature tune, Don’t Stop Believin.
The cast then ploughed their way through shortened versions of a huge number of Glee album tracks with hardly time for the audience to take it all in. The vocals were mainly surprisingly good, and the show itself was surprisingly good as well, with the usual fireworks, smoke and ticker tape. Although I didn’t let that inner teenage girl totally take over, I did mime along to some tunes. I was however surrounded by kids singing along to every word of every song. In front of me I even had a group of guys up dancing and singing along when Blaine and the Warblers appeared, now that was funny and not unexpected, it was Blaine afterall.
Rachel and Kurt were just superb, and Brittany S Pierce just stole the show from the other dancers. Cory, Mercedes, Santana and Tina were surprisingly good live. Sam (Chord Overstreet) was really just an extra and didn’t appear to have a role, and he looked really disgusted at the end. Perhaps he’d just received the news that he won’t be in season 3 much.
The concert was short at around an hour and fifteen and just ended suddenly, not unlike the shows season 2 finale. There were a lot of songs performed and they were all Live, apart from Single Ladies. I’m still a Gleek and I think I smiling solidly for the whole time! I won’t however be rushing to watch the 3D movie in August. I’ll leave that one for the real teenage girls!




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