Happy Birthday Denman

Recently I was invited along for a behind the scenes factory tour by the Bangor company, Denman, who are celebrating their 75th anniversary.

I grew up very aware of Denman’s existence as both my parents worked there and we always had Denman brushes about the house. The factory was a few minutes walk from our house so I saw it every day!

Times have changed in the last 35 years since my parents worked there. What was once the factory is now a distribution centre where products are shipped all over the world, and Denman have gained a reputation for quality professional products.

Behind the scenes in the distribution centre there were mountains of boxes waiting to be shipped off to Japan and USA…and I felt proud that a factory from the end of my street was a multi million pound company shipping worldwide!

In the showroom I was introduced to some relatively new ranges, from their own men’s brand Jack Dean (named after the founder, Jack Denman Dean) to their hair, beauty and electrical products.


After the distribution centre tour, we took the 5 minute drive to their sister company, Denroy, who now make all the brushes. In Balloo Industrial Estate, the Denman brush supplier has a multi million pound annual turnover with a big chunk of that coming from Denman.

It all made for a very fascinating afternoon hearing stories from the factory floor, and about how the whole factory smells of strawberry or whatever other scent they are putting in their new scented brushes that day.

Most fascinating of all was that range of men’s products in the showroom. I was allowed to bring a few home to try them out and I have to say, I’m impressed.

It’s easy to see why this range is specifically targed towards professional barbers use, as it’s one hell of a gentleman focused brand.

According to their website, ‘The Jack Dean collection is a complete styling system formulated to cleanse, condition and style the hair. It features classic hair lotions and tonics including Eau de Quinine, Eau de Portugal and American Bay Rum which are the very essence of the golden age of travel and adventure’ And might I add, what an adventure!!

I got to take some home to try out and have spent the last week shampooing, washing, scrubbing, hair styling and grooming with Jack Dean products.


Most importantly I’ve discovered a new ‘favourite thing’ product, the body scrub bar. Wow you need this product in your life! It’s essentially a sponge dipped in Bay Rum soap. It smells amazing, exfoliates superbly and with lots of luxurious foam, it’s definitely a treat product and one which I’ll be ordering regularly!

I also tried out the shampoo, hair paste, aftershave balm and shower gel, and to be honest, I can confirm what you have already suspected, this is a superb gentlemen’s grooming range and one that will be getting restocked in my bathroom cabinet regularly via the Denman website.

In the meantime, check out this great Jack Dean video.

As I’ve said, wow, this is a huge local success story, and now that I’ve rediscovered them, I want to spread the Denman news.

Find out more about their history and about Jack Denman Dean on their website at www.denmanbrush.com , and follow their great blog as well here.

Happy 75th Denman!

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