Culture Day at the Bangor Open House Festival

On Saturday 23rd August, as part of the 2014 Open House Festival, Bangor will be staging its first ever Culture day – a celebration of the wealth of creative talent in the town.


Over the years the town has produced an abundance of successful musicians, writers, visual artists and other creative sensations: Snow Patrol, Two Door Cinema Club, Colin Bateman, to name just a few. And, of course, Foy Vance who will be headlining at the festival this year. In recent times it’s been the creative underbelly of the town which has kept it afloat during a difficult economic period, and it’s been a credit to everyone – artists, businesses, residents and visitors – that this hasn’t just been accepted, but embraced. With initiatives such as Project 24, street markets, open air theatre, outdoor cinema, music in the park, and, naturally, Open House festival, the town is rapidly becoming known as the Brighton of the North!

Culture Day will celebrate every aspect of that ever-increasing vibrant creativity. It will be an opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to showcase their wares – whether that be music, dance, theatre, spoken word, craft, magic, movement or puppetry. Anything goes!

The whole town will basically come alive with an eruption of sound, movement and colour. There’ll be music on central pier which will be seen and heard the whole way along the marina and up past Pickie. There’s an open air tea dance, a craft bazaar and creative emporium, a Campervan Jam at Project 24, a speciality street market, and busking and street entertainment on every corner.

It’s quite literally a day of culture and creativity for the town and by the town – and the organisers want as many local people and businesses as possible to become involved.

So if you have an idea to share, a talent to flaunt or a helping hand to offer, contact them NOW!

Email with your suggestion or pitch, and she’ll get back to you asap.

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