Moooo! Have you herd about the Cow Parade?

And so it has arrived, the world’s largest public art exhibition, the CowParade, has finally been herded into Belfast.

The ‘herd’ of around two dozen cows and calves came together for the first time at the City Hall this morning, where they will stay for 2 weeks, before setting off for their temporary homes at various locations throughout the city. The parade will last until the end of October when they will be auctioned off to raise funds for charity.

We’ve seen the CowParade in a few places round the world, so it’s definitely exciting to welcome it to our wee City this year.


Even more special is the fact that for the first time ever the cows can be spotted all over NI, rather than the usual single city parade.

However impressive the cows are, we’d like to see more…much more…grazing on street corners all around the city. So it’s good to see local businesses like Boojum get on board with their very own donkey parade!

I wonder how many people have been moooooing and eeeawwwing around the streets of Belfast today? Have you? Will you?

As they say in our favourite musical RENT, Come on and moo with me? Mooooooo! Mooooooo!

Details of all the cows in Belfast, including their locations and background information on their symbolism and the community groups who designed them, as well as the artists involved, can be found at

A fully downloadable map of the location of all the cows in Northern Ireland can be found on the official event website at


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