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Well, what a few weeks I have had. From my last column I received a personal message from ALL SAINTS thanking me for the 5 star review I gave for their new album ‘Red Flag’! I was so chuffed! I cannot wait to see them on tour this October! Secondly, it was so great to see so many shares of my last column and lots of people got in touch regarding my attitude to positive thinking and mindfulness. My Mr. Mariah, is now my partner. I let go of all insecurities and worries and I just went for it. He makes me so happy. Sometimes you just have to accept that some things in life happen for a reason, and meeting him at the Mariah concert was one of them. 

My first song ‘Giving It Up’ is now completed with two incredible remixes ready to go and I was delighted to get an amazing review from one of Northern Ireland’s biggest club DJ’s ‘Kenny Kane’, who really loves it. I am in the studio again tomorrow recording song number 2, ‘Take Me Higher’ with the amazing ‘Damon Hess’. I am very excited to see what happens for both tracks this summer!


NEW VOICES – MARCUS HUNTER (BBC Radio Ulster Tuesday 10pm)

I am SO proud of one of my best friends, Marcus Hunter. Not only is he one of the most genuine people I have ever met, but he is a natural on the airwaves in his brand new BBC Radio Ulster show. This is something that was always going to happen. Marcus is such a people’s person and has such a warm, vibrant personality, it just had to eventually hit either Television or Radio. Marcus is one of Belfast’s best known personalities having appeared on TV shows ‘Come Dine With Me’, ‘Deal Or No Deal’, ‘Trisha’, and many more! I had the pleasure of going to college with Marcus back in 2000 and we lived together for 3 years and they were the best 3 years of my life. I am so happy that both of us are doing exactly what we set out to do in life.

I tuned in like a proud parent for the airing of his first show 2 weeks ago in London and OF COURSE, he is a complete natural. What you see is what you get. There is no adapted personality here. Marcus is Marcus and he made me sit back and comfortably listen to his radio show at complete ease. The show is 100% his, and his musical set list was upbeat, fun, fresh, retro and everything BBC Radio Ulster needs, and I congratulate them for giving someone like Marcus a platform. It’s wonderful to see from across the water, as BBC London have given Graham Norton and Paul O’Grady their own platforms, it’s really refreshing to see that BBC Northern Ireland now have their own equivalent and are catering for ALL audiences. Bravo!

Marcus will be on air until July so make sure you tune in every Tuesday night at 10pm and enjoy some really cool guest interviews and and a wonderful variety of music from the past right up until today.

Made in Belfast

MADE IN BELFAST (Restaurant)

Now. How could I not recommend my FAVOURITE Northern Irish restaurant?! I have so many friends in touring shows that come to Northern Ireland and every time they message or call me asking where they should eat, I always say ‘Made In Belfast’. Every single time I have eaten here I have had such a wonderful, personal dining experience. The staff are so friendly and the food is always brilliant. What I really love about both branches is the amazing interior design and feel about the place. The decor is to die for, and every time I go in – I spot something new that completely grabs my attention. There is a real ‘East London/Shoreditch’ feel to ‘Made In Belfast’ and I think what it offers as a restaurant, is very unique and special to Belfast. I always make a point of popping in for food when I am home, I even travel from my parents place in Lurgan especially to get some food! That’s how much I love it. All my friends love it and always make a point of returning when they are next in the city.

The menu is very varied and consists of dishes ranging from Burgers to steaks, they also have a range of vegetarian dishes that can be adapted to vegan requirements also. ‘Made In Belfast’ won the 2014 Sustainable restaurant association award. All their food is locally sourced (hence it is called ‘Made In Belfast), and I personally love their free range chicken! All their pork is outdoor bred and they have various fish options too! Their vodka is ‘Ruby Blue’ which is a local potato vodka. They have a fantastic wine list and a fabulous cocktail menu too!



Now, this is my opinion. I have a platform and I wish to use it. Let me tell you all – it is so wonderful to live in a city like London and not feel like a second class citizen, to not feel judged or questioned because of my sexual orientation. The DUP are 100% abusing the petition of concern to block same sex marriage in Northern Ireland, and it has to stop. I am so baffled by this party’s stance. I thought this was the party that prided themselves on being British?! I love living in Britain. I love living in London. I love the British people, but I don’t see the DUP as British. I see them as bigots, and discrimination enablers. God forbid you have an opinion against one of them on twitter or you are instantly blocked! I wish someone would let them know the meaning of ‘democratic’. It happens to be in their name yet they do everything they can to suppress and ignore the pleas of a massive community of people. They do not want to work together, and it’s such a shame. What is so upsetting is that only 45% of Northern Ireland’s population voted. Where was everyone else? I have lived in London for 13 years and the DUP have no idea how bad a picture they paint of back home. You would think they would want to follow british rule and not constantly make up their own. It’s so sad to watch from afar.

There is a petition that has so far received 15,000 signatures that will hopefully stop this party abusing their power to veto Equal Marriage. I, Conleth Kane, recommend that you read it, and if you are in agreement – sign it. Make a change. Let’s bring Northern Ireland into 2016 along with the rest of Ireland and the UK. Our little country has had enough bad press over the years and this is just extra baggage that it does not need. It’s time to make a change! If it’s something you agree with, I urge you take action and sign.


Conleth x

petition poster

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1 thought on “#Conlethrecommends : Marcus, Food and a Petition

    Andy Anderson

    (May 10, 2016 - 9:53 am)

    WELL spoken on the DUP and their abuse of the Petition of Concern – a parliamentary device designed to PROTECT minorities. So far the DUP has used it six times, five to deliberately discriminate against and actively persecute a minority [LGBT people] and once to protect one of their own Ministers from having to face the consequences of his corruption. What a record!
    If the DUP paints a crap picture of Northern Ireland to people in London, they do the same to the USA. High time they looked at the example of North Carolina which has suffered numerous conference/convention cancellations and many major American corporations either deciding to locate elsewhere or withdrawing their businesses from the State in protest at recent anti-LGBT legislation. How the F**K does ‘Arrogant Arlene’ expect to attract inward investment from America and from elsewhere?
    Well spoken, Sir. Silence only allows tyrants to flourish!!!

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