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Thank you so much for the amazing response from my first ever column of ‘Conleth Recommends’! I had so much positive feedback and my recommendation of Jason Shankey’s Beard Oil was a big hit! I have been a busy bee over the past few weeks. I have been working out like crazy and I celebrated my birthday here in London. Next week I am back in the recording studio starting work on my second single with brand new producers ‘DeepMatter’! The boys had one of their tracks debuted on Radio 1 just last week. It’s going to be a lot different from my first single ‘River’. Can’t wait to fill you all in.



The older I get, the more health conscious I become. I exercise more, I eat better, I drink less alcohol, I don’t go out clubbing as much, I watch my calorie intake, I get earlier nights. The list goes on. I would hate for people to think that I am ‘boring’, I am anything but boring.  

I just don’t want to look 50+ when I am 40. Two weeks ago I visited my old college flatmate Leigh Linton (who I haven’t seen in years), and she cooked me dinner and we had a glorious catch up.

The first thing I noticed about Leigh was that she looked amazing. I would go as far to say she looks better than she did 10 years ago when we lived together. Her skin was glowing, her body was sculpted, she has no lines on her face, her hair was looking extremely healthy and her mood was upbeat and positively contagious. I quickly learned that Leigh is fast becoming one of London’s most sought after health trainers and gurus. She has launched her own health range and she swears it’s the reason she looks so good. She showed me her two latest products that are available to buy from her website and offered me to take them home to try. All I can say is ‘Wow!’.

The first is a tin of ‘Matcha Green Tea’. I cannot believe the impact this has made on me. I had it before my yoga class and I felt incredible. Leigh also advised that if I take it before my workout it burns up to 25% more fat. Everyone is commenting on how much more toned I look – in just TWO weeks! It also has 137 times the amount of antioxidants than your average green tea, hence her skin is looking so amazing! After just a few days of taking this my skin looked noticeably more healthy. It is extremely high in fibre (which does wonders for the digestion system) and it also fights off certain types of cancer. A winner in my eyes! 

The second product is ‘Baobab Super Fruit Powder’ which is the purest form of multi-vitamin that can enter the body! It’s super high in zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and Vitamin C. Leigh suggested I drizzle it over my Weetabix or put a scoop into my homemade smoothie. I cannot get enough of it! I feel really great after taking this and it has completely eliminated any form of fatigue I ever experienced. I used to take Multi-vitamin tablets but I definitely find that this enters my system much quicker and I genuinely feel the benefits. I am so inspired by Leigh. She looks incredible and after trying her 2 products, I can tell after just 2 weeks that I look and feel so much better. Is it any wonder she is looking the way she does! You can order her products online. Visit her website for more details:

ACTON & SONS Belfast

When I was home at Christmas performing in ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ at The Grand Opera House in Belfast, I made a discovery of an absolute GEM of an eatery in Belfast. It was Christmas Eve and my entire family had booked in to see the show so I decided to meet them for dinner in between shows. I had walked past ‘Acton & Sons’ on Brunswick Street quite a few times on my journey to and from the gym and kept clocking how ‘cosy’ and ‘welcoming’ it looked, so I had been meaning to go in for a while. My family and I prefer and favour different restaurants in Belfast so I thought it would be a good idea to go where none of us had tried. I can honestly say, we were all majorly impressed.


 The interior design is ever so charming, and I found the staff extremely helpful! The service was smooth-running and we all loved what we ordered. I didn’t want to eat too much before my second show so I ordered a few starters. The Chicken Liver Pate was just delicious. I also ordered some Breadcrumbed Mushrooms and Calamari and I was seriously impressed at the quality of the food. My entire family really enjoyed their meal and they have even been back since. I managed to squeeze in another visit with my best friend Marcus Hunter-Neill on the day of my very last show and both of us had the most incredible burgers accompanied by a glass of very fine wine. The portion sizes are generous and there seems to be a really lovely clientele building up. I am already looking forward to my next visit when I next fly home to Northern Ireland. The have a wide range of menus including Lunch, Dinner, Brunch, Pre-Theatre, Vegetarian, Children, Drinks, Desserts, Party and Christmas. Perfect for Mother’s Day lunch this coming Sunday. For more details visit:


We definitely live in an era where men spend just as much on skincare as women. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t haver a shower using proper face wash and then moisturising straight after. Skin is a tricky one. Diet, sleep, hydration all play a huge part in our skin looking good, but we also need to apply a good quality product! I have to say, I am absolutely LOVING the No 7 Men’s range at the moment. Their face scrub, sensitive face wash,intense advanced eye cream and gradual tan facial moisturiser are my 4 every day essentials. I think women are prepared to spend a lot more money on global branded skin care but I think the Boots No 7 range for men is both affordable and effective. My skin is something people always comment on when they meet me, but then I do Bikram Yoga of course combined with a healthy diet (and more recently Leigh Linton’s nutritional extras), but the No 7 men’s range definitely plays a part in why my skin looks and feels great. Read more here:


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