CoCouture Dessert Club

IMG_1566.JPGCocouture, our favourite ‘Chocolate lunch’ spot in the City.

Their basement shop just round the corner from the City Hall on Chichester Street is almost one of the City’s best kept secrets.

The City Centre award-winning chocolatier are one of the top 60 chocolatiers in the world and top 10 in the UK, and once you taste their chocolates you’ll know why!

They are our ‘go to’ choice for special gifts for birthdays and anniversaries, or something for the host if we are going to a house/dinner party.

Last week for Belfast Restaurant Week they ran a special CoCouture Dessert Club, with five chocolate inspired desserts, and this week they have extended the club until 18th October just to celebrate Chocolate Week.

During the Dessert Club extended week, you can enjoy, Mississippi Mud Pie, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate and Praline Crisp, Japanese Cherry Sencha Chocolate Fondant or a White Chocolate Cheesecake. We don’t even need to describe them in any more detail do we?, as they should already be getting your taste buds going!

You can enjoy the desserts all this week as a sit-in treat or you could get one to take home and enjoy your guilty pleasure in private.

The shop is open until 6pm Mon-Tues, 7pm on Wed, and 9pm on Thurs/Fri.

Oh and all their profits from the Dessert Club will go to Cancer Research UK… Yet another reason to go.

Go get chocolatified!!

Chocolate fact: Did you know the basis for milk chocolate as we know it was the creation of Hans Sloan born in Killyleagh in 1660.




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