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Girl always interrupted

So, despite the fact that Game of Thrones is a multi award winning show, watched by millions and set in my own country I know virtually nothing about it. The reason for this is not because I don’t love watching TV; I do (just ask my sky+ direct debit) and not just because I don’t have a penchant for mythical lands and erm, made up languages, but because I know I could never properly become immersed in its other worldliness, due to the fact that I happen to live with a serial pauser; a man who has his own throne and sceptre remote control.

 The Dark Hedges 
Granted, there are worse problems to have etc. etc., but when one decides to commit to a series like Game of Thrones, it’s a big deal; no room for pithy pausing here, nipping out for unauthorised cups of tea or unscheduled toilet breaks. This is an epic production which requires a substantial chunk of your undivided.

I should have leant my lesson when I watched The Fall. It was so refreshing to see a Belfast based drama where troubled times and a person’s creed were usurped by a good old fashioned psychotic, misogynistic murderer but alas the momentum was ruined time and time again by the serial pausing. I was gripped as the story unfolded; each time a new victim was stalked I found myself tense with anticipation, literally perched on the sofa, shoulders tense as another bow was sniped off a bra… when my husband would blithely pause for thought: “but how can Spector’s office be in the tech when that’s where the police station is?” (as if a police station would ever exist without a 10ft perimeter wall anyway, pih!) and, “by the way, why is Scully (Stella) bunking down in the Blackman tech when her hotel (Hilton series one and an upgrade to the Merchant for series two) is just round the corner?” I can already imagine the debates we’ll have about the location of her contemplative swims, in series three.

It was no better when Line of Duty was on. The anti-corruption unit were paused every time they went to their HQ, so that I could be reminded that their office was actually Invest NI and they had no chance of getting parked there at that time of day; “nope, no chance”. A tense car chase along the Shore Road was interrupted when a car that had just passed the Shore Crescent ended up in York Station which clearly made no sense at all. Also, why on earth would Keeley Hawes make her pivotal phone call to the Royal when she was over at the Grove Wellbeing centre??

You see my problem? I’ve absolutely no chance of finding out who wins those thrones or whatever they do in Cushendun.

By Clare Bowie

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