Chatting with Fiona McCourt

During the week I had the chance to talk to Fiona McCourt, the Belfast singer currently competing in The Voice of Ireland.

Fiona has been singing and playing her guitar at singer/songwriter gigs across Belfast and Manchester since she was 15. After a short break to study, she decided to perform again, and auditioned for Voice of Ireland, where she sang Sam Sparro’s Black and Gold. If you’ve been watching the show, you’ll know it’s a blind audition and if the judges like the singer, they turn their chair round. Fiona was chosen by Sharon Corr who wanted her on her team.

You can hear her audition and some of her own material on her website at
I had five quick questions for Fiona

What could you not do without?

A notebook and pen to jot down all the random song ideas that pop into my head throughout the day

Which Spice Girls song would be your karaoke choice?

Wannabe of course – I was 11 when this came out and I just loved the energy in the song, me and my friends used to get together and sing it on my karaoke machine lol

What or who is your guilty pleasure?

Geordie Shore – it makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time

One thing you want to do before you hit 30?

Get a record deal – is that too much to ask????

Who would be your perfect desert island companions?

Other than my friends and family of course, John Bishop to keep me laughing and entertained, Jamie Oliver to cook me tasty meals out of whatever we can scavenge on the island and Ray Mears to keep us all alive with his survival tactics.

Now that you know a little bit about the woman behind the voice, you might want to actually hear the voice. Below, you’ll find a video Fiona just recently recorded her vocals for. The song and video are for the #takebackthiscity campaign where she sings a great version of the Snow Patrol song the campaign was named after…oh and look really carefully, you might even spot the Belfast Times logo in there!

Post Author: Belfast Times