Challenge your thinking and behaviour and kill the negativity

Killing the negative!

What we don’t know about in life is what anyone else is thinking or feeling.

We live, assume and survive on what we see and internally dialogue and sometimes with no fact or evidence based support or reasoning.

Most of mindfulness coaching is based on this moment, living in reality, the here and now, what you can see, hear , feel , taste and touch.

So for example say someone was afraid of spiders ask them Why? They usually don’t know the answer because something once triggered a fear trigger in the brain and it stayed because it was never challenged therefore the person reacts based on their knowledge, thoughts, feelings and experiences and they believe this as it is.

So what if you challenged the thought and honestly and truthfully said “what’s the worst a spider can do?” Because we fear what we see and the fight or flight response reaction kicks in and we let the adrenaline go and take control.

Imagine if you stopped, didn’t react, became mindful and assessed the situation before you became afraid then you’d totally not over react or overthink or over exaggerat any situation you’d actually realise how much stress and anxiety you put on yourself through your thoughts on the situation!

Usually the spider never comes near the person, it’s visual in the room but the persons thought of the spider carries them into complete mania for no factual reason.

So with this in mind negative thinking, thoughts and behaviours are similar they can be changed and reduced, removed or resituated from the mind therefore leaving the body without strain from the unconscious mind.

Basically what I’m saying is work with the mind first, reprogram, reenergise, resituate and then everything else will follow.

Have a coach who will challenge your thinking and behaviour, someone who will push you outside the box and analyse your position.

Put your energies into self improvement, self love and self esteem and you will not need to worry about life because the fundamentals are being looked after!

The problem is you, yet the solution is you!

Reprogram yourself to ditch the negatives and zoom in on the positives!

Try it for a week and watch the difference in your lifestyle!

Mindfulness is about focus, concentration and living in the moment and when you adapt an attitude of this you simply see everything differently, only good different!

Embrace the attitude of kindness and gratitude and seeing the good in every situation and watch while your inner self becomes more peaceful and accepting of stuff!

Let the negatives go and embrace your new mindfulness attitude! Positive thinking works!

Brenda Shankey xxx

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