Movie Review: The Mummy

It’s probably too on the nose to compare this film to it’s titular villain, a soulless, lifeless conglomerate of parts hell bent on sucking the life out of us, but if the film isn’t going to do anything original then why should I? The Mummy isn’t a good film. It’s by the numbers, filled with […]

Movie review: Alien Covenant

Five years ago Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien franchise, Prometheus, promised much but even its staunchest defenders would admit underwhelmed; the film less concerned with running away from drooling star beasts and more with finding the big G and the Meaning Of Life. Fair enough. Films in this franchise have always been dripping with […]

Review: Fast and Furious 8

Review: Fast and Furious 8 *deep breath* Where do you even start? The eighth (eighth!) instalment of the high octane, street racing/espionage hybrid shows no sign of slowing down – quite the opposite – and you have to wonder how this particular franchise transcended it’s rather modest (and hokey) beginnings to become the bulletproof behemoth […]

Movie review: Logan

Movie review: Logan When it comes to superhero cinema ‘dark and gritty’ is a phrase often heard when describing sequels, which promise to take things down a more adult and ‘real’ route but the final film ends up being a dark and gritty as a rainbow smoothie. It’s a relative term. Logan, the second Wolverine […]

Movie review: X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men Apocalypse The X-Men franchise, seven films deep now including this one, is possibly the most varied in movie history in terms of quality. From the heady heights of X2 and Days of Future Past to the depth plumbing lows of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with some decidedly average entries in between. X-Men Apocalypse certainly has […]

Review: Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

In 2013 Man of Steel, the second cinematic reboot of the Superman character, divided opinion amongst fans and critics, with some controversial changes made to the Superman character which caused many to complain that he had become a sombre, dour, depressing character. To remedy this, the filmmakers have decided to pit Superman against that most […]

Movie Review: Deadpool

Movie Review: Deadpool Comic book fan favourite Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) arrives in his own star vehicle – after the debacle that befell the character in his first cinematic appearance in 2009’s woeful Wolverine solo outing – complete with all the blood, guts, swearing and violence the Marvel anti-hero has become synonymous with.   Riddled with various […]