Did I get fit for summer?

As my two month summer gym membership at Culloden Estate and Spa comes to an end I thought I'd talk about how much just two months of exercise has changed my everything. No I haven't got super fit and lost tonnes of weight, but I have regained a love of exercising and moving, and it's […]

Exercise for a guy at almost 50 doesn’t need to be a chore

The journey continues and bloody hell it’s not easy, but it’s also not a chore! My summer membership at the Culloden Estate gym continues and it’s changing everything. I’ve just turned 48, so I guess I’m very aware that I’m nearly 50, and if that’s not  scary enough, imagine my shock when joining the gym […]

Amazing new sneak peek of the stunning Titanic hotel

Amazing new sneak peek of the stunning Titanic hotel The iconic Titanic Drawing Offices and building where the most famous ship ever built was designed, is due to open this Autumn as a stunning hotel.  Once the workplace of many Harland & Wolff staff and where Titanic and her sister ships were born, the building […]

6 awesome reasons to love afternoon tea at Berts 

Berts, the 1930’s Art Deco inspired jazz club at the Merchant Hotel have recently introduced Berts Savoury Afternoon Tea. In a unique twist to the traditional afternoon tea in the Great Room next door, this Savoury creation will satisfy the needs of those of you who don’t have a sweet tooth. Although if you have […]

6 awesome reasons to dine at La Taverna

6 1/2 things we love about La Taverna La Taverna at Fratelli on Great Victoria street will forever be the place where the plans for me to be the new Northern Man columnist in Northern Woman were hatched! That all happened at the launch event, but I’ve been back to try out this reincarnation of […]

Super Surprises to celebrate a 48th birthday

It happens every year, and the numbers don’t stop getting higher!!! Those birthdays keep rolling in seemingly faster than ever. But when they do happen, the best feeling is people actually taking time out of their day to acknowledge it, something I rarely do, but plan to address it. Enough of this grumpy old man […]

6 facts about the NEW Hotel Chocolat cafe in Belfast 

Hotel Chocolat opened its doors opposite Belfast City Hall a couple of weeks ago and we have sourced some facts about the continued expansion of the Hotel Chocolat brand. The new Belfast opening is their first café in Ireland. They are offering a unique coffee blend exclusive to Hotel Chocolat. The site beside/under the Linenhall […]