#InAshleighsShoes ‘Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself’ by Ashleigh Coyle

#InAshleighsShoes ‘Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself’ by Ashleigh Coyle After receiving numerous encouraging & sweet messages since last Thursday’s blog, I thought I would do a slight continuation but focus on a few simple rules which have helped me. For those who missed last week, you can catch up here These almost sound silly, […]

#InAshleighsShoes :My Constant War With Anxiety by ‪Ashleigh Coyle‬

With taking last Thursday off due to this topic, I thought it an appropriate subject to start back with. I wouldn’t consider myself much of an information bureau, unless I’m extremely passionate about it. One of those passions happens to be mental health because I am the one in four adults that suffers from a […]

#InAshleighsShoes :Will Feminism & Femininity Ever Co-exist?

With myself now as Miss Derry International (in association with Taggart Homes), the only Northern Ireland finalist in the Miss International UK, I’ve decided to contribute to the usual heated and controversial debate of pageantry. I am competing in a beauty pageant and no I do not find it embarrassing, degrading or sexist as many […]

#InAshleighsShoes – What Amsterdam Taught Me

Well, I’m taking myself off to the city of 1,500 bridges, ceaseless amount of canals and an unimaginable number of bikes. With travelling back and forth to the Netherlands since a young girl, I completely get why Amsterdam is one of Europe’s favourite and most popular cities and it’s not just for the reasons it’s […]

Single, Not Just For Holidays #InAshleighsShoes by @ashleighcoyle22

Single, Not Just For Holidays #InAshleighsShoes Why have we created a judgement that single people are unhappy? Why do we assume that singles are lying if they tell us otherwise? And how have we started to think our lives are more elevated in a relationship than those of whom are single? I spent the last […]

Introducing Ashleigh Coyle: Me, Myself & Gucci #InAshleighsShoes

We have a new Thursday blogger on Belfast Times. Let’s welcome Ashleigh Coyle and her new Belfast Times weekly lifestyle blog #InAshleighsShoes Me, Myself & Gucci  I find that the introduction of yourself never gets any easier on any written platform, so I’ve opted for the good old ‘question game’. 1. What are the top […]