Movie review: Justice League

Movie review: Justice League Less angst, more bantz. A retcon, or ‘retroactive continuity’ is a term commonly associated with comics whereby new information supersedes what you thought you knew about an event in the past, normally to facilitate a change of direction. Or motivation. Or tone. In the case of Zack Snyder’s DC team up […]

Movie review: Happy Death Day

Movie review: Happy Death Day Live. Die Repeat. Live. Die. Repeat. A lazy hybrid of several time loop and slasher movies before it, but sadly without the smarts or wit of its contemporaries, Christopher B. Landon’s horror-mystery Happy Death Day asks the question ‘what if Groundhog Day but with MURDER?’ Teresa, or Tree, (Jessica Rothe) […]

Review: Fast and Furious 8

Review: Fast and Furious 8 *deep breath* Where do you even start? The eighth (eighth!) instalment of the high octane, street racing/espionage hybrid shows no sign of slowing down – quite the opposite – and you have to wonder how this particular franchise transcended it’s rather modest (and hokey) beginnings to become the bulletproof behemoth […]

Movie Review: Manchester By The Sea

Movie Review: Manchester By The Sea Already festooned with praise and award nominations, the third project from writer/director Lonergan starts with the lonely life of hard-working janitor Lee (Casey Affleck) who one day gets a phone call with bad news. The story unfolds with regular flashbacks showing how Lee and his older, more handsome and […]

Movie review: Big Friendly Giant

Whereas Absolutely Fabulous was pathetic, The Big Friendly Giant was stunning. Ab. Fab. was a couple of hours of Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders with a plethora of their mates swanning around Cannes, falling over, taking drugs and being puerile. Then there’s the BFG? What a fascinating film, the animation was masterly and, of course, […]