6 awesome reasons to love afternoon tea at Berts 

Berts, the 1930’s Art Deco inspired jazz club at the Merchant Hotel have recently introduced Berts Savoury Afternoon Tea. In a unique twist to the traditional afternoon tea in the Great Room next door, this Savoury creation will satisfy the needs of those of you who don’t have a sweet tooth. Although if you have […]

6 awesome reasons to dine at La Taverna

6 1/2 things we love about La Taverna La Taverna at Fratelli on Great Victoria street will forever be the place where the plans for me to be the new Northern Man columnist in Northern Woman were hatched! That all happened at the launch event, but I’ve been back to try out this reincarnation of […]

6 1/2 things we love about lunch in Parliament Buildings

We were recently invited along to Stormont Estate to enjoy lunch in the house on the hill. Lunch or Afternoon Tea in Parliament Buildings seems to be a closely guarded secret that many don’t know about, but should. What were the 6 1/2 things we love about dining in this iconic venue: Top of our […]

Things we loved about Cuffs at @crumlinroadgaol

Crumlin Road Gaol continues to evolve and grow with a multitude of activities inside the beautiful Lanyon designed exterior. The latest reason to visit the Gaol is Cuffs, their recently opened Bar & Grill restaurant. I’d bet you didn’t even know there was a restaurant there, and not just the cafe, a proper bar|grill. Set […]

6 1/2 things we love about the refurbished The Northern Whig

6 1/2 things we love about the refurbished Northern Whig It’s back, our randomly titled 6 1/2 things we love foodie feature. This time we visited the newly refurbished Northern Whig and what an impression it’s left on us. Here’s the list: 1. What an amazing refurb! This is one seriously impressive looking bar/restaurant now. […]

6 1/2 things we love about Alfredo’s

6 1/2 things we love about Alfredo’s Alfredo’s, the newly opened restaurant in Lisburn Square is essentially a rather glamorous reincarnation of Angelo’s, which we’ve enjoyed many times!    Our latest ‘6 1/2 things we love’ feature should tell you why we will keep going back to Alfredo’s 1. Still the same delicious food. Italian […]