#BBEats: Coming clean on my biggest guilty pleasure

#BBEats: Coming clean on my biggest guilty pleasure – Molly’s Yard Tasting Events By Brittany Breslin It’s taken me a while to write this post, due to sheer hesitancy of sharing one of my favourite things ever, thus resulting in it becoming even more popular than it already is (which is quite popular), shooting myself […]

#BBeats : Kua ‘Aina’s healthy take on the Ulster Fry

Thank God It’s #UlsterFRYday! #BBeats Kua ‘Aina’s healthy take on the Ulster Fry Anyone who has spoken to me in the past two months will have heard of my very public love affair with the newly-launched Hawaiian inspired restaurant Kua ‘Aina. The team behind the successful Kua ‘Aina restaurants in London have recently made a […]

BBEats: I flew Le Coop – and will be back for more!

The best nights out are always the impromptu ones – and a delicious dinner is always a fabulous way to kick off a memorable evening on the town. Recently, presented with a number of reasons to celebrate including one friend who had just submitted her PhD and another who was heading off to the Big […]

BBeats restaurant review: A long Friday night in Havana

I’ve always had a weird interest in Cuba. It probably started with my childhood obsession with ‘I Love Lucy’ and her gorgeous Latin husband, Ricky Ricardo, and grew as I learned more about the country’s culture and politics – okay, the cinematic masterpiece that was ‘Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights’ may have contributed. Due to a […]