#MondayMindfulness :Be the change you want to see

How do we make sense of this cruel world? We had Manchester, now London, we have shootings and stabbings in Northern Ireland, we have international corruption and wars, the list goes on. Daily we have bullies and theft, backstabbing and untruthful gossips, we have the unexpected and the unexplainable and regularly we are stunned that […]

#MondayMindfulness :Mindfulness through difficulty and pain by @brendashankey

Mindfulness through difficulty and pain.  Breaking down the pain barrier is the key we would all like to unlock. Some of us are hard as nails, emotionless, cold as ice and point blankly couldn’t care less about others emotions or feelings. Then you have the emotional buckets who care for everyone.,want to fix everyone and […]

#Mondaymindfulness :Understanding emotions

#Mondaymindfulness :Understanding emotions by Brenda Shankey As I draw nearer to my book launch I’ve had to do two years case studies on children, their behaviour and how they under their emotions. The simple reason I’m passionate about this project is because children mainly don’t understand their bodies, their thinking, what makes them tick. They […]