#BEAUTYBITCH by Cathy Martin – QOD Blow out

#BEAUTYBITCH by Cathy Martin – QOD Blow out One thing you’ll rarely hear me complain about is summer. It is my favourite season – fruit is ripe and flowers are blooming, everything seems brighter, fresher, happier even. And that’s just nature! But summer can wreak havoc with hair. In summer we all want our hair […]

Challenge your thinking and behaviour and kill the negativity

Killing the negative! What we don’t know about in life is what anyone else is thinking or feeling. We live, assume and survive on what we see and internally dialogue and sometimes with no fact or evidence based support or reasoning. Most of mindfulness coaching is based on this moment, living in reality, the here […]

Lashing Out And Talking Tips With Sensational Kiss

Beauty bitch: Lashing Out And Talking Tips With Sensational Kiss On one of the hottest days of the year, we arrived at one of my favourite establishments in Belfast – the rooftop bar at the stunning Merchant Hotel for the ‘KISS – Bring the Salon Home’ Summer Party and was immediately transported to a lash […]

#MondayMindfulness :Working with our inner critic

Working with our inner critic. I had a live video blog at the weekend where I discussed my inner critic and how sometimes I listen to the negative chatter and in return it leaves me feeling fatigue, emotional, unenthusiastic, anxious, panicky, afraid and wanting to withdraw and be alone. Now when I began studying mindfulness […]

Theatre Review: Giselle

Giselle is a pretty and delicate ballet but there are very sinister undertones which become obvious in the second act. Act One is set in a village populated by very attractive villagers in tones of ocher. They celebrate the ripening of the grapes, carrying big baskets overflowing with the fruit and there is a happy […]

#MondayMindfulness :Be the change you want to see

How do we make sense of this cruel world? We had Manchester, now London, we have shootings and stabbings in Northern Ireland, we have international corruption and wars, the list goes on. Daily we have bullies and theft, backstabbing and untruthful gossips, we have the unexpected and the unexplainable and regularly we are stunned that […]