Mummy Guilt: A letter to all us mums by Ursula Murphy

Mummy Guilt: A Letter To All Us Mums by Ursula Murphy A mum of 2 beautiful children Emillie (6) and Luke (2.5) and my 2 businesses, tech startup OhhSocial and international digital communications company UM Consultants; to say I have my hands full is an understatement, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Mummy […]

Review: Abigail’s Party

Review: Abigail’s Party Hat’s off to Richard Croxford the director of Abigail’s Party. He has drawn the very best out of his actors as they gather for drinks and nibbles, captured the embarrassment of guests who just don’t have anything in common and allowed the long silences between them to speak volumes. Abigail doesn’t appear […]

Review: ART at The Grand Opera House

This is an Old Vic Production which is a hint that it will be well produced and well acted. And it certainly was. What a joy to watch and listen to three exceptional actors, Nigel Havers (Serge), Denis Lawson (Marc) and Stephen Tompkinson (Yvan). We’re used to seeing these three on television and film, Havers […]

Monday Mindfulness : The Power Of The Conscious Mind

We always believe what we think is right and our thoughts are real, but guess what they’re not. 50% of our belief system is from our experiences, relationships, social environment, everything we’ve seen, heard, smelt, tasted and touched from the day we were born. Basically our 5 senses! From the day we were born our […]