Bubbacue relights it’s fire

Bubbacue relights it’s fire

Since opening as a pop up restaurant in 2012 then becoming a permanent fixture in Belfast, Bubbacue joined the ranks of one of our favourite places for lunch in Belfast. It was quirky, fun, down to earth and felt like you were at a BBQ in a barn; until a major refit happened, which stripped away all its charm and it reopened as a soulless fast food joint.

The refit last year took a bit of a bashing from regulars and it immediately dropped off our radar. It had lost the charm we fell in love with.

But thankfully they listened to what their customers were saying!!

Fast forward a year later and after a few tweaks and changes, we revisited Bubbacue to find a restaurant we once again love. They brought the American South soul back and it’s probably better than ever.

The rub of dried spices on meat slow smoked over 12 hours is and always has been the highlight, especially the beef brisket. Their signature sauces in bottles on the tables make you feel like that BBQ in a barn is actually happening.

Neon lights and new wall cladding also bring back the Deep South feel

The menu has been tweaked to include vegetarian options and healthier side items such as a black bean and corn, or a giant couscous and apricot salad. The addition of rice or mashed potato offers an alternative to the standard burger bun, providing a healthy, gluten free option.

Along with traditional sides such as Mac & Cheese, hand cut fries or BBQ beans there’s plenty to choose from these days. But of course it was beef brisket and fries for me, and memories came flooding back of the good old days of monthly lunches in Bubbacue, and I can safely say, regular lunches and even pre theatre Bubbucue’s will be happening more regularly again.

If you like a local beer, they have been working with Belfast brewers, Boundary, to create their own beer called ‘Bubbabrew’. For this driver, it was delicious iced tea, which reminded me of holidays to USA more years ago than I care to remember.

Bubbacue has most definitely got its mojo back!!

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