#BTLive: The Script at SSE Arena

The Script at SSE Arena, Belfast

6th Feb 2018

Kicking off with a beautiful message on the screens about what freedom means with clips of what fans think, then text saying live, love, cry, it’s a touching start to the SSE Arena gig.

It all kicks off on a stage set up in the rear third of the arena. An arena packed to the rafters with excited fans! Danny shouts, ‘Let’s go feckin mental’ and they do! And, ‘Let me start off by saying you’s all sound amazing tonight’ and they do!

The main stage is a city street scene with street lights, corrugated metal, and screens like sky scrapers with billboards behind. It’s impressive!

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know the new album, or much of the groups back catalogue, but music is music, music is life, it brings out emotions in people that are unexpected, passionate and amazing, and I was right there loving the music and feeling as emotional as the fans. Why ‘6 degrees of separation’ got me emotional I’ll never know. But it is what it is.

The whole band ran up into the seating area to busk before they headed back on stage while Danny made his way back through the rows of seats, through rows of excited fans making videos, photos, Snapchat’s and insta stories, creating amazing memories from an amazing night in Belfast. A night of hit after hit, and another Irish band with awesome charisma and energy.

Dublin you’re in for a treat later this week!

Jeff x

Thanks to Tremaine Gregg for the photos.

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