#BTfitness : Introducing Aly Harte

Hello! I thought it best to introduce myself before we get involved in our monthly workouts and fitness fun.

My name is Aly Harte and I am an artist who happens to have a deep love for all things fitness and more importantly for helping you to accept yourself from your brain to your very bones.

Through my workouts, my words and my recipes I will help you to get to know yourself and to love yourself a little bit more.

The physical act of exercise brings endorphins to our already busy and often weary bodies. I am an advocate for movement in all it’s forms. I believe the simple act of movement; walking, swimming, strength training, cycling feed the body with the benefits it needs to remain solid and capable.

I have a heart condition which I am careful about but I do not let it hold me back in my own fitness venture.

Together we can work to let you know your body’s potential in this life. One life and a whole lot of air in your lungs to enjoy and make the most of!

Here is a quick snap of my family- my three boys, my husband and our dog Mimi last year in Portrush east strand. Outdoors is a great place to start your movement journey so please do let me know what your favourite activity outdoors is.

Belfast times blog is packed with places to visit where you can dust off the walking shoes.

I am an oil painter by trade – at the bottom you can see one of my latest dancer paintings.

I love to drink Prosecco to travel and visit friends in NYC, to eat good food with my hubby and beach visits with my whole family.

If I can encourage you to do one thing today it is to thank your body and your mind for where it has brought you to. No one has walked the path you have walked or seen the things that you have witnessed. All of this, the good and the bad, has meant you have arrived here and you are reading this. Your body and mind are amazing and I want to help you to celebrate that!

I am so happy to be with you on this journey.

Each month I will be providing a workout for you to try. It will be in video format. Some weeks I will be with different personal trainers and fit folk who you can also follow and be inspired by.

Have a great day!

Until my next post you can find me here on my website www.alyharte.com


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