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Earlier this week I was sent a press release from British Airways about a survey they conducted to find out what holiday souvenirs were the most popular take-aways for travellers in 2014.

The survey claims that fridge magnets, novelty t-shirts and miniature statues were once the souvenirs to bring home from your travels. However, in recent years a ‘taste for travel’ means that international foods are the top tourist take-aways and Tayto crisps have made it into the BA worldwide top ten.


The survey particularly interests me because every weekend at St George’s Market on my stall, tourists and locals spot my Tayto coasters and make a beeline for them. I would agree with the food thing being a popular take-away gift, but it isn’t always the food itself, something that refers to the food appears to be quite sufficient. And coasters are definitely a great alternative for travellers as they are small, flat and will definitely get through customs!

At only £3 for a coaster, they are great value and add a Tayto mug to the purchase and you have a great £10 take-away gift!

So if you want to follow the worldwide foodie take-away trend then call down and get a Tayto coaster to send to a local living overseas! I have been known to give away a free bag of tayto crisps with every Tayto never know what offers I’ll have on each weekend!*

Just in case you are interested, the top 10 most popular treats to bring home from abroad are:

· Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates (USA)
· Turkish Delights (Turkey and Greece)
· Peanut M&Ms (USA)
· Tayto’s Cheese and Onion Crisps (Ireland)
· Chianti Wine (Italy)
· Tunnocks Teacakes (Scotland)
· The Chocolate Block Wine (South Africa)
· Tim Tam’s (Australia)
· Oliveira da Serra Gourmet Olive Oil (Portugal)
· Mount Gay Rum (The Caribbean)

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*I’m having a break from the market and won’t be back until 13th September. The online store will reopen on the 8th September.


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