Book Review: On The Grass When I Arrive

On The Grass When I Arrive
The Guildhall Press

This anthology of new writing from Northern Ireland is edited by Leon Litvack and the theme, a sense of place and of belonging, reflects our own home place, how we invest in it, draw in every part of our existence from religion to anthropology, history to biology and all between. To illustrate this, Litvack has invited 39 writers to contribute and so this book is a great big treasure of thoughts and opinions. Some of the writers will be new to readers, others are established, poets like Ciaran Carson, Medbh McGuckian and Laura Cameron.

School girl Abigail Bester was born in South Africa and writes about the fear of being a foreigner in a strange place yet she feels at home in Dundonald, Angie Creighton grew up in Ballymurphy and vividly describes the pain and the heartbreak but she adds, it’s a community she treasures. Medhb McGuckian’s heartfelt poem Kepler 452B begins, ‘Numbers are useless in counting anything like perfumed rosaries made of plumstones knotted in the shape of a rose.’ Kathryn Baird takes a reflective look between the trees at the long ago family home.

This is a delightful wander through our homeland as seen through the eyes of those who love it.


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