Book review: Come Home, Harry String

Come Home, Harry String by Nick Cann

This is a mystery, a story of a man who can’t remember whether he’s married or not, who Martha is, what Clive’s all about. Imagine not being able to remember a couple of years of your life when everything else is clear as a bell, a huge frustration and one Harry String sets out to untangle.

It’s all the result of a car crash on the Enniskillen to Belfast road and for this photographer who finds clues looking back over his mobile phone messages and his photographs.

I loved this book, skipped through it in a day and a half and one of the beauties is the fact the story is set in Belfast and Holywood Co. Down so all the references are local. The QFT, pubs and restaurants, and the upper crust school where Clive is a teacher, Camberhill!

Harry is 44 years of age and works hard to recover his full health and strength but he must find out what he was up to in those intervening years. Does he? With surprising results.

Author Nick Cann, a graphic designer, has the ability to work out plots in a fascinating way, loves words and includes lots of conversation in his writing. The characters come to life and when I’d finished the book within a day, I missed Harry String and I sincerely hope things work out for him in the future.

Anne Hailes

‘Come Home, Harry String’, £6.99, is now on sale at branches of Stewart Miller, No Alibis, Concern Holywood and can be bought online at

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