Bella Belfast FASHIONWEEK – Talking Italian with our hair and makeup partners

These past few weeks I have been getting ready for the Belfast FASHIONWEEK press launch which took place last Thursday. Aside from all the amazing fashion on show (stripes, gingham, frills, ruffles, pink and yellow – just so you know) and the delicious West Coast Cooler cocktails from our title sponsor, there was a lot of love for our returning hair partner ALFAPARF Milano as well as our new make up partner KARAJA. Both these Italian brands were put into the hands of local make up and hair creatives and the results were outstanding. This week’s blog is a catch up with the creatives for a full get-the-look for FASHIONWEEK SS17.

I love a bit of a collab – and this one worked wonderfully, so roll on our shows and the very best of our creatives working together.

KARAJA’s official make up spokes-artist is the very fabulous Gill McCann from Dublin who worked alongside Belfast-based Rebecca Bryson, plus four creative geniuses (Ellen Lunney, Louise Lavery, Chloe Loughran and Ursula Valentine) from Paddy McGurgan’s MAKE UP PRO store in Belfast to get all of our models camera-and-catwalk-ready. Leading the hair team was Amy Cartwright from Paul Stafford’s salon who, alongside Shane Breslin and many other earlybirds, rose at dawn for our models. And boy did it pay off. Creative curls for the pre-launch shoot on CMPR Models’ Phoebe Tan and super simple show styling for the press launch itself.

Amy’s step-by-step for Phoebe’s shoot hair is as follows:

• Blow dry the hair smooth with ALFAPARF’s Extraordinary All-in-1 Fluid and Cristali Liquidi.

• Leaving out the roots, curl around a wand from the mid-length to ends in small sections all the same size. (Waving away from the face at the front)

• Once the curls are cooled down set with Illuminating Hairspray. Then brush through with a paddle brush.

• Using a boar bristle brush smooth down the root section with hairspray for a professional, polished look.

*styling tip*
Leaving the roots straight keeps the look modern and allows for a quick updo/evening look. ie – a low editorial ponytail or a high, textured top knot.

Make Up Step by Step from Rebecca & Gill from the shoot:

Moisturise the skin with a lightweight fast absorbing moisturiser like SKINICIAN Hydrating Day Moisturiser 50ml RRP £23.00

* using the Karaja CC Colour Correction: RRP £22.00, smooth over the skin, use a second layer where you need a little more coverage.

* Use a concealer to cover any blemishes and darkness under the eyes, then lightly set with Karaja’s Cover Excel RRP £14.00

* Use a light sweep of Gold and Bronze No.31 from Karaja’s Twin Collection RRP £23.00 across the cheek bones, top of the head and jaw line to add depth to the face, and finish with Karaja’s Touché Blusher RRP £4.50 for a sweep of peachy blush on the apples of the cheek

* For the eyes, pack on a pale peachy pink eyeshadow from Karaja Wonderbox No.6 RRP £21.50 all over the lid up to the crease, use your bronzer lightly in the crease on a big fluffy brush to soften the edges.

* Use a dark brown shadow and press it at the lashline with an angled brush, blend it out and reapply to get a soft smokey lashline. Finish up with a few coats of Karaja Lashes Design Mascara RRP £15.00

* Use a nude lip liner to lightly line your lips, correcting your lip shape, and fill with a coral lipstick – the Karaja Lip Studio RRP £17.00 is perfect – pat over the lips with your finger to blend it in to the lips, and add either Karaja’s Crystal Gloss RRP £13.00 or Sweet Elixir RRP £15.50 at the centre of the lip to give a fuller look.

* Finish off the look with Karaja’s Gold and Bronze No.31 from the Twin Collection RRP £23.00 on the tops of the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and inner corner of the eyes to give a glowing finish.

A quick nod to Rebecca who did my make up for launch – and who has just been invited to Paris Fashion Week to work under the world’s best make up artist Pat McGrath. Eeep!

Thank you & well done Rebecca!

A rarity for me on this column, but here’s a wee bonus pic of me and my lovely make up with fellow Belfast Times contributor Louise Vance…

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