Belfast today – What time is it?

Walking around outside the City Hall I got a bit confused, and that would be just a wee bit more confused than I normally am! I was just pottering about around the City Hall and had no idea of the time. My only real source of time were the clocks up above the bustling city, and they weren’t exactly much use, as they all showed different times. I thought for a moment I was in the twilight zone! So I came back to earth and thanks to a tourist…yep, a tourist, I was told it was 1.40 pm.
I hadn’t actually realised there were so many clocks up above our heads around the City Hall, which leads me to ask the question what else is up there? Are there many skyward non working clocks all over our City?
It’s time to take more notice. By the way, have you ever taken the time to look above the shop fronts to see the buildings above? You should, as it’s definitely a different view up there.


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