Belfast and its music

So is this the week Belfast starts its time in the worldwide spotlight for positivity.
Obviously everything revolves around the music this week with Belfast Music Week and the MTV awards. And so it should because it can only bring good news for the city. The estimate I heard was that 1 billion people will hear the name Belfast as a direct result of the awards. So surely that in itself is good.
We kicked off the whole music week in Belfast by a non music week concert in the form of Will Young. What fantastic stage presence, and fun, and a voice so much better than you would expect. He did a totally amazing cover of Kate Bush’s Running up that hill. The guy is so personable and obviously very well loved by all the screamers in the audience. The best night of his tour to date apparently!
We left the Waterfront and were then assaulted by a City absolutely plastered with MTV posters. Its EVERYWHERE! And I don’t help by talking and tweeting about it constantly…note to self…calm down. I even got so excited that I created an MTV inspired crane which was very popular at St George’s Market on Sunday.
And then it was Monday and the grounds of the City Hall have been taken over by a huge stage being built. The City Hall part of the MTV awards is going to look amazing with our council HQ as a backdrop.
Let’s hope everyone has a fantastic week and I’ll finish this MTV drooling by saying thanks for choosing us and hello world!

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