#beautybitch SIMPLY THE ZEST by Cathy Martin

#beautybitch SIMPLY THE ZEST

If you are lucky enough to escape the unpredictable Irish weather in favour of some hot beach sunshine this summer, then pre-holiday pampering will no doubt be high on your getaway prep-list. Last week, as my own getaway countdown began, I decided to boldly go where I hadn’t been in about a decade – and that is, intimate waxing. I hadn’t been because I had had successful laser treatments on my legs and bikini line (at Skin Medi Spa then Therapie in Belfast for their roller laser), but after 10 years I was starting to see regrowth beyond what was once a Brazilian outline, and, in any case, my friend Jo at Zest Beauty Clinic (where I had had the amazing facials recently) said I should go he whole hog for a Hollywood. (AKA Bald eagle, the full monty).

Stop reading now if you wish, as I know this topic can be a bit scary (or should I say hairy?!) for some people, but bear with me, as this treatment was virtually pain-free (yes, I did use the words wax and pain-free in the same sentence – honestly!).

For those of you who haven’t had a wax before, this is what actually happens…

On arrival you will be asked to fill in a quick questionnaire – this is to ensure you won’t take a bad reaction to the wax. The lovely ladies at Zest are super friendly and instantly put you at ease with their warm and welcoming manner.

I was introduced to my therapist who talked me through the process, what to expect and what makes this treatment (and the product used) different from other products.

At Zest, the team uses the ‘Harley Wax’ – a completely natural wax that is suitable for all skin types and which is exclusive to Zest in Belfast. I had read about this treatment online, with celebrity fans including Victoria Beckham, so although I was a little apprehensive, I was looking forward to seeing the benefits for myself.

Harley Wax
Harley Wax

Before laser treatments, I had had this type of treatment many times before with Brazilian waxes (and often had the famous J Sisters wax me in New York when I worked there), plus, I have had kids, so I am entirely comfortable with the process itself, but I suspect for the first-time visitor, it may seem daunting to think of getting completely naked down there and being prepared to spread and lift your legs into almost childbirth shapes. My therapist’s friendly manner and expert knowledge would put anyone immediately at ease, however. Her “I’ve seen it all before” and “I don’t see lady bits, I just see hair on skin” are really true – she’s definitely not looking at you that way, she’s just doing her job – very efficiently I might add. Once settled, you are given an antiseptic wipe before being left alone to prep the area, should you wish. Then, when the therapist returns, she applies oil to stop the wax sticking to your skin – and this makes the process a hundred times easier!

Harley wax comes in an array of blends including; lavender, summer fruits, chocolate, rose and aloe. I got the chocolate blend and it smelt absolutely divine – nothing like I have ever had before. The warm wax is spread onto the area quite quickly and left to cool/harden before it is pulled off quickly. I used my yoga breathing to manage any pain there was, by taking a deep inhale breath and then exhaling as the strip was removed. [Side note – when you learn that breath, and specifically exhaling, can help manage any kind of pain, stress or tiredness, it becomes the most magic of tools!] And honestly, this actually made a difference, so it’s a great exercise for a first-timer as it takes your mind off what is actually happening!

Moving onto the pain…
It’s not like a massage, that’s for sure, but this was the most painless lady wax that I have ever had in my life. Admittedly, there was some pain around the pelvic bone and the lips (did I just write that?!), but it was momentary and nothing like the normal pain associated with intimate waxing – I would compare it to pulling off a plaster.

I know so many people who have always avoided a bikini wax because they fear it will hurt, so if this is you – here’s what I say : DON’T! Invest in getting the treatment done at a good salon like Zest Beauty Clinic and relax – it really isn’t as bad as you imagine. The process was remarkably quick too, around 20 minutes, so you could easily pop over on your lunch break. Harley wax is so painless because it doesn’t stick to the skin like other waxes, but actually wraps itself around the hair meaning a more effortless removal – YAY!

The usual post-waxing contra-indications apply – i.e. no hot showers or baths, no tanning, avoid lotions and potions, and lastly – no sex! Apparently the skin is delicate and can become very irritated with some immediate bump & grind! The day after there was no irritation or redness, it was just super-soft, smooth and I had no stray hair worries when changing by the pool.

Harley Wax
Harley Wax

According to the Zest team, the wax should last between two and four weeks and they recommend that you come in monthly to minimise hair re-growth, although this really depends on your own level of comfort and how quickly your hair grows back. I had waited 4 weeks from shaving and am planning to go back in a further 4 weeks as this is the recommended time period.

I am so pleased with my results and am relieved by the relatively easy and manageable levels of pain. I am definitely a convert and will be booking in with Zest again – because I’m worth it!

Love Cathy x

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