#BEAUTYBITCH: Pretox guide for NYE by @cathymartin

Winter temperatures, too much alcohol and internal heating systems are undoubtedly the main culprit when it comes to drying out our skin at this time of year, and, as we are reminded time and time again by skincare experts, dehydrated skin can be ageing.

This week, as we fall between overindulgence of Christmas and the need to look revived and fresh for New Year’s Eve, I am reviewing the Dr Weil for Origins’ Mega Relief Set (£64) – a new range specifically designed to repair dry, chapped skin and to protect against further damage as the temperatures drop this festive season.

This four-part range ensures your skin receives the maximum amount of nourishment this season thanks to its Mega-Mushroom formula. (NB Mushrooms are to become A THING in food and holistic healthcare this coming year – you heard it here first!). Anyhoo – back to the lowdown…

This formula of soothing mushrooms calms sensitivity and irritation, reduces visible redness and boosts our skin’s resilience against the elements. The Skin Relief Facial Cleanser is the first step in your daily skincare routine to ensure beautifully hydrated skin. Its unique ingredients, combining mushrooms, ginger, holy basil and soothing liquorice extract, makes for an ultra-gentle cleanser which effectively removes impurities from the skin without upsetting the skin’s naturally protective lipid balance.

The Skin Relief Facial Serum is the perfect post-cleanser treat for your skin. Fortified with Sea Buckthorn, Chaga mushrooms and Cordyceps mushrooms, traditionally healing ingredients within Chinese medicine, this serum creates a barrier of moisture between your face and the damaging winter weather. With its ultra-soothing properties, this serum also creates the perfect radiant base for smooth make-up application, all whilst it protects your skin for the entire day: WIN-WIN!

If your skin is particularly exposed to freezing temperatures for a long period of time causing inevitable redness, the Skin Relief Soothing Face Cream is a sure way to combat this. Just a small amount of this nourishing facial moisturiser, enriched with Dr Weil’s signature mushroom blend, will remove any redness and leave your skin beautifully soothed and repaired. Use this cream at night. Apply a small amount to your face before bed to wake up the next morning with soft, supple and soothed skin, ready to face another day of winter.

The Skin Relief Soothing Treatment Lotion is the must-have addition to this range to ensure that the rest of your body remains as irresistibly smooth and soothed as the rest of your body.

Don’t forget your hands! Along with your face, your hands will certainly be the most exposed part of your body this winter. Not only this, but the skin on your hands is even thinner, and more delicate, than on your face. Plus, your hands are another indication of age. Therefore hand hydration is a MUST this season! Skinician’s Luxe Hand Lotion is enriched with soothing Aloe Vera, deeply hydrating Shea butter and the ever-reliable Vitamin E. This miracle cream will make sure that your hands stay soft, supple and looking youthful this winter!

Happy New Year!

Cathy x

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