#BeautyBitch : Dry Your Eyes by Cathy Martin

Since it is approaching summer and we are all impatiently and longingly looking at hot summer destinations while dreaming about glistening blue water and cocktails on the beach, I have decided to write about some equally dreamily waterproof makeup from French favourite – Clarins.

Be prepared to be wowed by the brand new Limited Edition Waterproof Eyeshadow Shimmering Cream Colour (£18).

This soft, cream formula easily glides onto the eyelids to create a divinely smooth and sun-kissed look. The fine pearl particles provide shimmering colour which subtly illuminates the eyes, while the bitter orange tree wax helps to create a protective shield against water and humidity to ensure long-lasting waterproof hold. We all know that the hot weather can play havoc with our makeup routine and a product that allows us to still look good while relaxing in the hot weather is a product you just gotta love!

The eyeshadow comes in four rich shades which illuminate the eyes to give you a gorgeous glowing complexion; Golden Peach, Golden Sand, Silver Taupe and Copper Brow. The rich metallic shades are naturally dazzling and are guaranteed to keep you looking beautiful all summer long, whether you are tanning by the pool, hitting the water for a much-needed cool down or heading out for the evening. We tried them both on the lid as well as lightly spread across the brow bone for a teeny hint of metallic glow – and both worked well. Actually the peach one also works in miniscule proportions on the cheekbones for a bit of highlighting – or ‘strobing’ as the modern make up artists call it.

The range of colours allow you to create a variety of looks that will certainly carry you to any event in style this summer.

The texture is light and creamy and left my eyelids feeling velvety smooth. I liked the subtle glow of the eye shadow and the liquid doesn’t falter at the natural creases on eyelids – a problem with many liquid eyeshadows.

This revolutionary product is definitely every girl’s perfect travel companion, and is one of my summer must-haves. You can effortlessly apply the product straight onto the eyelid and then use your fingers or an eyeshadow brush to blend it into the skin, and voila! Ready to hit the sunshine.

Summer make-up has never been so easy.

Love Cathy, x

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