#Beautybitch Clarins Men Booster Bronzant Tanning Booster

#Beautybitch Clarins Men Booster Bronzant Tanning Booster 

This week I handed the reins of Beauty Bitch over to my intern Gerard to review the Clarins Men Booster Bronzant Tanning Booster.

Men are often sceptical of bronzers and fake tan products – very few are made specifically with men’s skin in mind, but the Clarins Men Tanning Booster is more of a formula to enhance your skin tone’s natural complexion as it contains a potent energising complex which helps to boost men’s skin tone and energy. (Quick fact: male testosterone levels slow down skin cell activity leading to a loss of radiance).

Here’s the DL from GL on the product:

The Application Process
The product itself comes with easy-to-follow instructions, even for a tan novice like me! To apply the product all that was required was a small amount of moisturiser for facial and neck coverage (they recommend using with a Clarins moisturiser however I just used my own on this occasion) and then you simply add three small drops of ClarinsMen Tanning Booster into the moisturiser on the back of your hand and apply onto your skin with your fingertips for an even coverage. It’s important to remember of course to wash the back of your hand and your fingers which may have been covered in product after application to avoid little sun patches 😊

The Results
The Feeling of the Product on My Skin

Being diagnosed with Rosacea I have to be extra cautious when using skincare products as it can take just one bad product to increase the inflammation of the condition. The product itself felt very smooth to my skin and did not cause any irritation, the drops have in fact complimented the usage of my moisturiser making my skin feel more soft and hydrated than usual. Plus it provided a balanced complexion to my sometimes patchy/rosacea skin.

It’s important to note that there’s no dramatic change to a Greek God Mediterranean skin tone after one application, this product gradually builds up colour – so if you want a deeper tanned look, build it up.

ClarinsMen Tanning Booster enhanced the moisturiser I use dramatically making my skin feel more hydrated, soft, and with a subtle but very definite glow boost to my complexion.

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