#beautybitch by @cathymartin : Normcore – or not

With the summer sun fading fast, so too are our holiday tans and, instead, for many, the battle with fake tan streaks and stains begins (sigh!). But fear not, readers, I too am on a mission to keep a healthy glow during the upcoming winter months – and one without patchy streaks too. While my previous “I scream, you scream…” post talked about my must-have products for safe sunbathing, this post will review what to use when the sun goes down and the clouds come out!

1. Skinny Tan

The first (and my favourite) product on the agenda this week: Skinny Tan. As I am sure most women will agree, battling cellulite seems like a never-ending task (especially as the years go on), but thankfully this product by Skinny Tan works to tan and contour while also reducing the visible appearance of cellulite in the process…AMAZING! Not only did this easy-to-use mouse leave my skin looking tighter and more toned around my pesky problem areas, but what I loved was that it wore off naturally rather than leaving me with a tangoed tinge a week later. Pair with the Skinny Tan mitt for a smooth and velvety finish without the coffee stained fingers! 9/10

2. Royal Oil by Too Faced

Next, if you are feeling a little more glitz and glam, “Royal Oil” by Too Faced could be the product for you. This all over body bronzer is infused with coconut oil, making it smooth and luxurious to apply, not only in formula but also in scent, and leaves skin with a shimmering look I find especially fabulous on the legs! Definitely worth a try.

3. Righteous Butter by Soap & Glory

What I love about this product from Soap & Glory is that it makes tanning simple! The two-in-one lotion keeps my skin hydrated and silky soft whilst giving me an instant holiday glow. The product spreads evenly, dries in 2 minutes and is ready to wash off whenever you please. Having a tan has never been so easy! Plus the signature Original Pink fragrance leaves you smelling feminine and fruity.

4. Bare Skin Sheer Sun by Bare Minerals

If like me, you’re always on the go, Bare Minerals Bare Skin Sheer sun is perfect for a quick pick me up when you don’t have time or patience for all over tanning. The ultra-thin, lightweight face serum has a sheer tint to enhance skin with a warm wash of colour, providing a healthy-looking glow on demand no matter what the season! Use alone, over or mixed with your foundation, for a subtle sun-kissed glow.

Finally, to keep your skin healthy and glowing naturally, apply some fabulous VOYA oil – brilliant on legs but also amazing for a back (or full body!) massage if you can persuade your other half to get involved. (And let’s face it, few men would say no to that, eh?)

That’s it for this week
Keep beautiful bitches
Cathy xo

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