Be Fabulous with Brenda Shankey

Introducing ‘Be Fabulous’ with Brenda Shankey

Businesses woman, wife, mum and social butterfly. Busy bee and wants to do it all!

Qualified meditation coach and practices mindfulness. Brenda will share her life’s experience with us on how to cope with life’s ups and downs in this manic world, yet still have it all!

Welcome to the ‘Be fabulous’ blog!

I sit in a Manchester airport and I think ‘How lucky am I?’.

Even to sit for a few seconds every day and think, this is mindfulness!

The secret of being happy is simple… We simply have to be grateful for what we have right here right now in our lives.

When we let our minds wander into the wanting of things we suddenly become unsettled with our lot. When in fact, when we are content with our lot right now and feel gratitude, we can appreciate the journey and enjoy the moments along the way without stressing ourselves on the how it should be!

Mindfulness simply is looking at the present moment and appreciating what we have right now without judging ‘why?’. Sometimes we will never know the answer and life just is what it is!

So I promise you today, sit back, smile, have a heart felt thankyou and be grateful for where you are.

Yes we can dream and plan and create a wonderful future, but what happens if it all goes wrong, it all falls apart, it doesn’t go to plan? Where does that leave us?

The greatest lesson I’ve learned along the way is acceptance, that no matter what is happening right now, it’s meant to be. It’s your journey, your story and your character builder!

So take the pressure off yourself. Decide for today that all you’ve got to do is live this 24 hours with as much fun, love and life as possible.

Imagine that’s all you had to do!

Try it out.. It’s the secret to a stressless life. Live in the day, enjoy and accept the moment and no matter what is happening it’s all part of your journey!!

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3 thoughts on “Be Fabulous with Brenda Shankey

    Joanne Doherty

    (January 7, 2016 - 11:34 pm)

    Really inspirational and positive… Just the way I like to live my life..hope to get to St Marys on 16th, Joanne

    Andrea McNeice

    (November 30, 2015 - 10:22 am)

    Hi Brenda,so so true.I live my life one day at a time & acceptance is the key.It took me many years & life experiences to fully understand the concept of ‘the present’ & to appreciate who I am,where I am at that very moment.What the Caterpillar calls the end….The Master calls the BUTTERFLY 💕

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