#BBEats: Coming clean on my biggest guilty pleasure

#BBEats: Coming clean on my biggest guilty pleasure – Molly’s Yard Tasting Events

By Brittany Breslin

It’s taken me a while to write this post, due to sheer hesitancy of sharing one of my favourite things ever, thus resulting in it becoming even more popular than it already is (which is quite popular), shooting myself in the foot, and never securing a table again at the already sold-out events. But I feel that it is my duty as a food lover to finally come clean and share with you what is by far a highlight of my monthly diary any time I’m lucky enough to land a seat.* I am, of course, talking about the phenomenal tasting events at Molly’s Yard – and now, Hilden Brewery.

Having now attended rum, gin, and sherry tastings with the fine people of Hilden / Molly’s, I can no longer hold it in. I must shout from the rooftops just how flipping FANTASTIC these events are.

 Hilden Brewery 
Picture this – the Northern Irish version of the bar in ‘Cheers’ – where everyone knows your name. That’s what Molly’s Yard is becoming for my band of friends, who are quickly becoming standard fixtures at these events. And why wouldn’t we?   Five courses of heavenly, locally-sourced dishes expertly crafted by the fantastic team at Molly’s Yard, paired with cocktails which will blow your mind while also teaching you a thing or two about your tipple of choice. All for the price of £55? It’s a steal, really.

 Mollys Yard food 
The menus, which remain secret until the night of the event, usually include at least one new ingredient for me, and I am quickly realising that Molly’s Yard is the ideal environment to try a new food (looking at you, kid goat carpaccio!) You can rest assured that whatever is served is going to be the best-prepared example of that dish anywhere around, so why not be adventurous?  The team at Molly’s are completely knowledgeable but totally down to earth as well, making it a perfect ‘safe place’ to experiment with new food and drink in a laid-back atmosphere. No snooty foodies here!


Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying the first Tasting Night to be hosted in Hilden Brewery’s Tap House, the cosier, more rural sister of Molly’s Yard. The night focused on sherry, one of the few boozes I can admit to not knowing well, and was held in conjunction with Direct Wines, who gave us an education in sherry as the night progressed. The food was of the typical high standard served by the team and perfectly matched with sherries which ranged from a pale Barbadillo Amontillado to a dark, nearly syrupy Lustau East San Emilio PX which went alongside a gorgeous dessert.

Full menu below to whet your appetite:
To Start
Cape Cobbler – Oloroso Sherry, thyme-infused simple syrup, cranberry, gin
Sharing Platter – Iberico ham, air-dried beef, manchego cheese, anchovies, almonds and breads accompanied by Fino sherry

Fillet of cod with prawns, mussels, saffron potato in a saffron broth served with a crouton and Manzanilla sherry

Duo of Belfast Hills kid goat, shoulder & loin with puy lentils and barrel-aged feta served with Oloroso sherry

Mango & passion fruit sorbet served with cream sherry
Muscavado parfait with coffee ice cream served with East India cream

So I urge you – Follow Molly’s Yard on Facebook. Watch for the next Tasting Night to be announced. And book – quickly! Just please – whatever you do – make sure you save me a seat.

Brittany #BBEats

* By the time you are reading this well-timed blog post, I am already elbow-deep in some amazing bites accompanied by delicious gins at Molly’s Yard’s most recent event, the April Gin Tasting.


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