#BBeats: Bubbacue’s bubburrito is the cure for what ails you

So 2018 has seen the resurgence in my desire to write, and thus the resurgence of #BBeats! I promise to be better this year than I was following the year-long hiatus I took for no apparent reason in 2017. Sorry Jeff.

January – the skintest month of the year – saw a very welcomed invite land in my inbox from the good people at Bubbacue, who were officially launching their newest menu item, the Bubburrito. Intriguing.

Coming from the brains behind the original Boojum burrito – husband and wife team John and Karen Blisard – the team at Bubbacue have gone back to their roots to combine their love of slow-cooked, American-style barbequed meats and a good old fashioned dirty burrito.

I confess that I’m that person that tries to make her boojum ‘healthy’ by going veggie and loading the burrito up with salad. It’s the only way I can justify not feeling guilty over a feed that huge. So I planned to approach the Bubburrito with the same strategy. That is, until I realised that this is one burrito you have to take the plunge on and just give up the food guilts.

The Bubburrito includes a range of (non-salady) fillings including refried pinto beans (more of a paste consistency than a beany one, for the TexMex virgins), Bubbacue’s spicy Cajun rice, fresh tomato salsa, and a spicy queso (cheese) sauce. Other topping options are available, but this is the recommended Bubburrito serve. Choose your favourite protein from the list of gorgeous meats including pork, beef, chicken and sausage – or go veggie – to complete your Bubburrito.

I was hesitant at first. This is not the ‘healthy’ burrito I usually get at the popular burrito joint. The tortilla wrap barely closed around my chicken-filled delight, and there was not a shred of lettuce in sight. But my God was it amazing.

Consisting of what felt like half a stone of total comfort food, the salsa offered a warm spiciness that wasn’t impossible to eat (I’m a wuss where chilis are involved), and the queso sauce felt like total, creamy, luxury. The chicken – not usually my first option in a burrito as I’ve encountered one too many dry / gristly bits in other restaurants – was tender and juicy and chopped into manageable chunks rather than shredded. And the texture of the refried beans offered a feeling of utter dirtiness to this burrito.

One bite in, and I had totally forgotten about the limited vegetable content. It was so naughty. And if this burrito was bad, then I didn’t want to be right. The tortilla bursted (in a good way) with filling as I took the first bite. Never in my life have I wished for a hangover (although a fellow blogger did happen to feel a bit tender from the night before’s event and confirmed that this hit The Spot). The saltiness from the cheese paired with the juiciness from the salsa, and warming but not burning spice ticked all the boxes of a post-libations craving. This would be like manna sent from heaven for an ailing reveller, but was a delicious mid-week dinner for a weary flu-riddled, first-full-week-back-post-Christmas me, as well. The burrito packed a powerful punch of complex and complementary flavours, and was more than enough food for a proper post-work feed – maybe a bit too much, as I unfortunately had to declare defeat with about ¼ of the burrito remaining.

To top off this amazing treat, this was my first trip inside Bubbacue’s newest location on Botanic Avenue, and I absolutely loved the décor! Bubba has gone slightly more industrial than previous incarnations, with lots of dark metalwork and wood tones, and even a neon pig on the wall! The overall look and feel was much more refined than the Bubbacue of old, and I especially loved the statement wall which features the many interesting processes and ingredients used to create Northern Ireland’s favourite barbeque joint’s dishes.

10/10. Would binge again. Shout out to the gorgeous baked beans delivered to our table by the fabulous Emma. Thanks for the invite!

The Bubburrito is now available in Bubbacue’s Botanic Avenue and Callander Street locations. See you there for the next hangover cure.*

Brittany B x

*I’ll be the one in last night’s eye makeup with burrito juice running down my arm. Avoid eye contact.

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