Backstage at the @catsmusical at @grandoperahouse

Getting backstage to tweet live at a show in the Opera House isn’t just as easy as turning up, there is a lot of background work by the team at the theatre to get it all organised and approved. I last did it at the Panto last year (here), so when the Opera House team confirmed that the CATS production had agreed to let me backstage, well I was beyond excited!

The theatre is a magical place where you escape your world and you are taken into a sometimes magical place, but also sometimes a dark place. Cats is one of the former experiences, a world of dance and music and a journey with what has become an iconic piece of musical theatre by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Backstage the magic feels the same, you are just viewing it from a different angle. It’s maybe just a little bit more surreal though, as I dont think I’ll forget the sight of a 6 foot cat passing me as he heads to the stage.

Cats is a tough gig for the performers, it’s very high energy and you need to be in peak physical fitness, but even at that, they come off stage and have to catch their breathe, before a quick costume change, a makeup touch up, a smile for my camera and run back on stage again, purring and preening and in full character. Its fascinating.

Much like backstage at Belfast FASHIONWEEK, everything is very organised and precise, there is no chaos, no disasters and no mishaps, it all runs like a well oiled machine.

Check out my gallery of images from the Thursday matinee performance of Cats. Forgive the sometimes dark pics, there wasn’t a lot of light back there!

The show runs at the Opera House until the 16th November, and based on my backstage experience and what our reviewer thought of it from front of house, this is a show not to be missed!

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