B.E.L.F.A.S.T City 7


What’s this then?

It’s a new free glossy Belfast monthly magazine called City7. City7 is the 7 letters which make up BELFAST.

B – Beauty
E – Entertainment
L – Lifestyle
F – Food
A – Arts
S – Style
T – Technology

With over 4,000 copies being distributed throughout greater Belfast in Salons, Boutiques, Restaurants, Hotels, Gyms, University’s and Bars, you need to get your hands on it now as it is disappearing fast. Its a new idea in city magazines and is a welcome addition to the old favourites already hugely popular in the city.
It’s free, it’s glossy, and it’s in your city now, so look out for it, it’s City7.

Contact info – city7@od-media.co.uk or 07749456215 for Ryan T Crown – Sales & Marketing Manager or Barry O’Doherty – 07772002777

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