August photo a day – Week 1

It’s 7th August and that’s week one finished of my wee project of taking a photo every day during August.
Day 1 was the clear blue skies and that big yellow thing in the sky which made an appearance. This was accompanied by the Autumn leaves scattered all around the trees at the City Hall, and it was only 1st August.
Day 2 was the City Hall and one of its beautiful lamp posts, back lit by the sun and a glimpse of an Olympic banner (there has to be something Olympic in there somewhere!)
Day 3 and I was up delivering some cards to the Delorean Experience store in the Spires centre AND it was the first time I’d ever seen a legendary Delorean car…I just had to leave my grubby finger prints on it!

Day 4 and it’s time for one of the bigger parades in the city calendar, Belfast Pride Parade. This guy was doing his thang on the El Divino float.
Day 5 and it was my 1st year birthday of trading at St George’s Market. I had a great day and huge thanks to everyone who popped along to say Happy Birthday.
Day 6 I was passing St George’s again and on another dull summer afternoon, the flowers struck me as being one of the few hints of summer in the City.
Finally for this week, today is day 7, and the daily photo goes to the Europa Hotel who generously gave me one of their Hastings ducks. This legendary little duck will go well with my Captain Titanic duck from earlier this year. Gosh that whole Titanic month in April seems so long ago! Oh and guess where I’ll be later this week, yes, back to the Titanic building for a leisurely afternoon.

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