Justine Simpson: Serendipity exhibition

20121129-223913.jpgNorthern Irish artist Justine Simpson, well-known for her series of oil paintings featuring pints of Guinness and lovebirds, will be re-emerging with a rejuvenated style and new stories to tell in her twenty-eighth art exhibition on Sunday, 02 December. ‘Serendipity’ will be hosted at the Boat House Restaurant in Bangor and will feature a new series of work inspired by the happy things that occur along life’s journey.

‘Serendipity’ will display some of Justine’s newest works, including a series of roses, a symbol of the blossoming of the spirit, love, and friendship and an image that speaks to Justine at this stage of her life. “After having my third child, I was commissioned by another new mum to create a rose painting for her daughter,” explains Justine. “I was inspired to continue on with the theme, as it fits perfectly with the new beginnings of both being a mum and continuing with my solo career. From this project, I began to incorporate cobalt violet hues into my palette and onto my other works- a shade I rarely worked with before.”

Justine’s newest works are made in her trademark style using oil paint, intuition, colour, subject, and instinct to create art. “With my new roses series, I’ve created a take on ‘associated painting. Not only is the rose symbolic in itself, but I also associate the medium itself with another object. Examples of this association can be seen in my ‘Lipstick Roses’ and my ‘Cheesecake Roses,’ explains Justine. ‘Coincidentally, a theme of food emerged, which was perfect for this occasion, as my works will be on display in a restaurant.’

She has also returned to working en plein air, taking inspiration from her surroundings outdoors. “By working outdoors you can capture the element of atmosphere and translate it into your paint with thickness and colour, accentuating things that jump out at you, unlike if I were to copy a photo in a studio,” Justine says. The element of serendipity came into play when many passers-by expressed interest in purchasing her works as she created them outdoors.

‘Serendipity’ will also see Justine continue her well-established relationship with drinks brand DIAGEO, who will supply drinks at the event, after having created a successful collection of Guinness pints in past years. These works are among some of Justine’s most well-received pieces; some of which will feature in this exhibition.

A native of South Belfast, Justine has spent time working in England and resides in Holywood. She has studied National University of Ireland in Maynooth, where she obtained a Certificate in Youth Arts with First Class honours. She has exhibited her work both as a part of collaborations and as a solo artist, and is enjoying her re-emergence into the solo world with her most recent collection of vibrant yet personal paintings. The topics of these works, both local landscapes and the much talked about roses, make her a local artist with international appeal.

The ‘Serendipity’ event will begin at 2.30 at The Boat House, Bangor, with guests encouraged to RSVP to Justine@holywoodart.com or Brittany@cmprireland.com. Bidding will occur through a sealed bid system, with each potential buyer submitting a sealed blind bid on their favourite work. Sealed bids will be opened at 6.30 and winners will be announced on the night. In the case of duplicate bids, the person submitting the earliest bid will be successful. Sheldon Gallery will also be on-site providing a bespoke framing service for purchasers.


Post Author: Belfast Times